tisdag 10 juli 2007

Some new colours

The colours look better in reality then on this crappy pic!

First Row: Yellow, Royal Blue, Neon Yellow, Hunter Green, Brown, White, Navy Blue, Red, Neon Pink,
Second Row: Burgundy, OD, Grey, Black, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Foliage Green, Woodland Camo, Coyote Tan

lördag 19 maj 2007

Some more leashes

Im going to send these to a petstore down in Stockholm.

Dog Leashes

The leashes are 6 feet and they have a total of 40 feet of paracord in them.
I make the leashes in two diffrent types of braids.

Made these for some customer´s

Hope thats its ok that I made something similar as the one you did Ken?

These are the colours i have for now.

And more are on the way.

The colours are from left to right: Red, Brown, Foliage Green, Black, Burgundy, Neon Green, OD, Yellow, Hunter Green, White, Coyote Brown, Gray

For your cellphone!

They are perfekt for your cellphone. You can short the string from the phone if you want to.

Some stuff I made for myself

Keylanyard with a skull at the end.

A square sinnet that matches the colours on my phone :)

And some bracelet´s

söndag 29 april 2007

Type 1 lanyard with skulls.

Type 1 King Cobra with some skulls. The big one is my new key lanyard.

lördag 28 april 2007

Double square sinnet

Another kind of double square sinnet.

Key extension

The two on top can be used to put in your pants and on you keys.

Two key lanyard´s

Two diffrent kinds of ending on the Neck lanyard.

lördag 21 april 2007

Snake and butterfly stitch

I made the same as Ken is doing except that one this one you can change the loop tp what ever size you want it to be. And then just cut the end and melt it to the snake stitch.

Round Brick

This one really looks great.

Key lanyard and four Sinnets

I sold these one´s to a customer here in sweden.

Giveaway on USN.

Im giving these away on USN. From top there are: A Square Cobra
A King Cobra
A cockroach
A centipede

Three coloured twisted cobras!

Some new Twisted three coloured cobras that my girlfriend has done.

torsdag 12 april 2007

Black and White King Cobra

Made this one for my brother.


This is another Bug but this one has a antenna.

Square Cobra

This is some kind of cobra but it looks like a square sinnet so I named it Square Cobra.


I saw stormdrane do this one so I just copycat his work. Hope its ok that i call this one centipede, stormdrane?


This is the cockroach. Its a kind of cobra. Dont know if you can find this one anywere else. I have never seen this one before.


I made this one for a girl friend. She wanted a whip to use in the bedroom. It has four glow in the dark skulls so she can find the whip in the dark.

onsdag 4 april 2007

Twisted Cobras

Two diffrent twisted cobras. One is tied with 2 cords and the other with three.

Double ring

A cobra stitch whit a ring med with double paracord.

Square sinnet and Skulls

A square sinnet and type 1 cord going through and finish whit a chinese Staircase.

Lanyard knot and Nuts

I have show the one on top before but know i have done the other two. They are the same as the one on top but they use double cords insteed of one. I like these a lot!

Type 1 cobras

I used Type 1 paracord on the outside of those. It is a simple cobra stich over a pice of 550 cord.
I took the second pic just to show the diffrens between 55o and type 1.

Double square sinnet

A ordinary square sinnet whit double cords.
I use similar one to my dump-pocket (Dump ficka på svenska)


I made these three strands each and tied them around a nut.
The one to the right has a loop can be adjusted, the strand goes through the body of the sinnet.
They are really heavy sinnets.

Neck lanyards

Some Neck lanyards i have been doing. The first one is made with Black and grey colors.

This is a made in toxicgreen and black.

I like when the sinnet looks likte this. When the other color can be seen between the strands.