lördag 31 mars 2007

This sinnet is tied with four length´s of paracord.
I have tried to tie with five length´s but thats really hard. I havent complet any sinnet whit five yet.

fredag 30 mars 2007

This is my latest i tought that it was pretty cool like this and but then i by mistake i twisted it and
suddenly a twisted cobra appear.
It was quite fun to "discover" the cobra.

I recieved some new colors to day. Now i know what im going to to this weekand.

torsdag 29 mars 2007

Some diffrent crosses

A brick sinnet (i dont know if i like this one or not) and cobra stich with three nuts.

To the left: There are Cobra stitches that i used dubble caracord when i did them.
Those two on the right is King Cobra stitches.

To the right: Three King Cobra stitches that is called "Bugs".
And those two beneath are simple Cobra stiches.

Lanyard´s made by knotting a snakes knot.
Monkey fist and hangman's noose

I like these a lot! They are perfect to use on a keychain.

I think that the Nutbangers are really cool!
I like the mix between metal and paracord.

Three diffrent ring Lanyards.
Two of them have a hangman's noose at the top.
The lanyard can be used to attach to your knife or maybe to a flashlight.

These are made using 3 length´s of paracord.

Those two on the right are shaped like a triangle,
as shown on the picture below.
One round sinnet and the firth one are something that my girlfriend did. I dont know how she did that one but it is really cool.

I removed the inner strands on these. The round one in the middle has a little twist on it.

Square sinnets but with a little twist.
Some square sinnets.

Some more round one´s

These are some simple round Sinnets. They are not hard at all to do. But quite fun to do.