fredag 8 februari 2008

New one for my backpack

ACU and Black.

Pimped my lamp :)

The lamp was boring befor i started but now i like it :)

Lanyard for my Fenix and keys

Made a lanyard for my new P1D. its Type 1 cord.

And changed the old key lanyard to something new and bigger :)

Going to Denmark

These are for a friend in Denmark. We made a small trade. I got a new sleepingbag :)

Dog Leashes for customers

The first one is to a customer up north. Burgandy/Black
The second one is for a guy at USN that won a auction. Woodland camo/Black

This one is for a friend far up north. Its 3 m long. He needs a longer leash so he can walk his polar bear. The leash is OD.

Two leashes for two customers in US and A. Neon orange/Black and Coyote brown/black.

A pile of Lanyards

Somewere in the pile is something for my friend ragingwolf66.
Hope that you will like it bro!

Give away on USN