onsdag 17 december 2008

The King leash

I have been home for about three weeks now and it is time to show you guys something new.
My dad came up with the idea for this leash. Its strange that I havent made this one before but here it is my "THE KING LEASH".

Its almost twice as thick as a ordinary leash. It should hold for anything To bad that i cant find any good hooks that can match the strength of the cord.
I think i have to buy a dog now so I can use it.

The leash contains 111 feet (34m) of cord and is about 9 feet (270cm) long.

The black and turquoise leash I made for a girl in stockholm.





fredag 8 februari 2008

New one for my backpack

ACU and Black.

Pimped my lamp :)

The lamp was boring befor i started but now i like it :)

Lanyard for my Fenix and keys

Made a lanyard for my new P1D. its Type 1 cord.

And changed the old key lanyard to something new and bigger :)

Going to Denmark

These are for a friend in Denmark. We made a small trade. I got a new sleepingbag :)

Dog Leashes for customers

The first one is to a customer up north. Burgandy/Black
The second one is for a guy at USN that won a auction. Woodland camo/Black

This one is for a friend far up north. Its 3 m long. He needs a longer leash so he can walk his polar bear. The leash is OD.

Two leashes for two customers in US and A. Neon orange/Black and Coyote brown/black.

A pile of Lanyards

Somewere in the pile is something for my friend ragingwolf66.
Hope that you will like it bro!

Give away on USN

onsdag 23 januari 2008

New colors!

Top left to right:
Purple, Royal blue, ACU digital camo, Foliage green, Neon green, Kelly green, Neon orange, White, Burgandy, Grey, OD, Neon yellow, Turquise, Shock cord.
Bottom left to right:
Yellow, Brown, Coyote brown, Black, Navy blue, Desert camo, Woodland camo, Red, Hunter green, Neon Pink, Silver, Hunter green, Foliage green.
Type 1 cord: OD, Foliage green, white

Two diffrent types of leashes.

Notice the diffrent between the two leashes. Top left has a straight braid. Top right has a rounded braid.
They are the same size both of them but the rounded one looks bigger.

Skull lanyards

I gave these away to a bro at utrustning.se

Wrist lanyard

I made a Wriste lanyard to put on my Tiablo A9

Type 1 cobras

The one one top I made for my self.

It can be a little messy after a couple of sinnets :)

Skull lanyards

I made these Skull lanyards so I coulde give them away on USN.
I love the Black/Neon Green and the Black/blue. It looks great when the sinnet is tied like that.

tisdag 15 januari 2008

Diffrent types of hooks that I use.

Monkey fists

New kind of Sinnet

I made this a while a go and totally forgott that I hade made one. But I found it today :)

Four strand Twisted Cobra.

This is a twisted Cobra that I did using 4 strands of paracord.