onsdag 23 januari 2008

New colors!

Top left to right:
Purple, Royal blue, ACU digital camo, Foliage green, Neon green, Kelly green, Neon orange, White, Burgandy, Grey, OD, Neon yellow, Turquise, Shock cord.
Bottom left to right:
Yellow, Brown, Coyote brown, Black, Navy blue, Desert camo, Woodland camo, Red, Hunter green, Neon Pink, Silver, Hunter green, Foliage green.
Type 1 cord: OD, Foliage green, white

Two diffrent types of leashes.

Notice the diffrent between the two leashes. Top left has a straight braid. Top right has a rounded braid.
They are the same size both of them but the rounded one looks bigger.

Skull lanyards

I gave these away to a bro at utrustning.se

Wrist lanyard

I made a Wriste lanyard to put on my Tiablo A9

Type 1 cobras

The one one top I made for my self.

It can be a little messy after a couple of sinnets :)

Skull lanyards

I made these Skull lanyards so I coulde give them away on USN.
I love the Black/Neon Green and the Black/blue. It looks great when the sinnet is tied like that.

tisdag 15 januari 2008

Diffrent types of hooks that I use.

Monkey fists

New kind of Sinnet

I made this a while a go and totally forgott that I hade made one. But I found it today :)

Four strand Twisted Cobra.

This is a twisted Cobra that I did using 4 strands of paracord.

Another Twisted Cobra

Thought that I hade forgotten have to do these but I havent :)
I have recieved some emails from people that want to know how I do the Twisted Cobra.
Im sorry but im not that good on english to try to explain it to you.

Mr Skeletor

I played around a little and came up with this one.

Lanyard on Commander

A lanyard I made for a friend of mine.