lördag 19 maj 2007

Some more leashes

Im going to send these to a petstore down in Stockholm.

Dog Leashes

The leashes are 6 feet and they have a total of 40 feet of paracord in them.
I make the leashes in two diffrent types of braids.

Made these for some customer´s

Hope thats its ok that I made something similar as the one you did Ken?

These are the colours i have for now.

And more are on the way.

The colours are from left to right: Red, Brown, Foliage Green, Black, Burgundy, Neon Green, OD, Yellow, Hunter Green, White, Coyote Brown, Gray

For your cellphone!

They are perfekt for your cellphone. You can short the string from the phone if you want to.

Some stuff I made for myself

Keylanyard with a skull at the end.

A square sinnet that matches the colours on my phone :)

And some bracelet´s